Custom Audio Production and Post Production Services

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The Process

Please send us a stereo mix in WAV or AIFF in the highest resolution possible, please DO NOT SEND MP3s. Wherever possible  try and supply 24 bit recordings, rather than 16 bit.

For optimal results it is best not to process your stereo mixdowns. This would include applying compression, EQ, or limiting to the final mix buss. However, you may add processing to the individual tracks within the mix.

It is good practice to get a strong signal, don’t let the audio clip at all. If your hit 0 dB at mixdown, you are pushing the levels too much. A maximum peak of around -3 dB gives the mastering engineer headroom to work with your audio.

Avoid any unnecessary sample rate conversions and/or word length reduction unless it is unavoidable and you have professional grade sample rate converters and word length reduction methods.

Step 1:

Send your audio files online to using this free transfer service

Step 2:

Enter the PROMO CODE from Facebook and click apply. Then click the yellow PAY NOW button.







Step 3:

Submit Order Form to Mixmastered Studios.

Step 4:

We email you a download link when your project has been completed!