Custom Audio Production and Post Production Services


How can you master so well for such a low price?

Providing online studio services allows us to complete the projects at any hour of the day, especially during off peak hours regardless of our client’s schedule and we pass the savings to you. Everybody wins!

What is audio mixing?

Simply put, audio mixing is the process of bouncing many tracks down to one stereo track in a way that finds a sonic home for each element.   You could say mixing is the musical equivalent to a executive chef adding the perfect blend of herbs and spices to the meat and potatoes to make a succulent dish that leaves people coming back again and again. Hungry for more information????  Visit Wikipedia for all the technical details and a lengthy definition.

What is the difference between Mixing & Mastering?

Mixing always precedes mastering, as it is the blending of many tracks into one stereo track. Mastering is the final process of taking a recording and enhancing it to its fullest potential. It’s the fine-tuning that makes your track sound as “big” and as “clear” as possible without compromising the original feel of the song. Mastering makes sure that the each song in the entire album is balanced, equalized, and enhanced so your finished album will gel from start to finish.

Mixing, without mastering, is kind of like washing a floor but not waxing it.  Sure, it’s clean, but it’s not as shiny as it could be.

How do I know it will sound better?

The better the sonic quality of the recording is, the better the result will be. Distorted recordings and other imperfections can adversely affect the final outcome. With that being said, we wouldn’t have much of a business without happy customers so we offer a complimentary round of revisions on all services. The better you sound, the better we look!

I have plugins, why do I need Mixmastered Studios? Can’t I master my own song?

Fresh ears are a must!  Our producers and engineers are extremely experienced, trained and skilled.  Any member of the team will complete your audio project to the highest of standards.  You are welcome to try it yourself and compare it to ours. We are confident that you will notice the quality of our work.

What is Album Sequencing MasteringWhat is Album Sequencing?

Album sequencing involves putting a group of songs onto the final master cd, or master ddp file. Durring this process the engineer will add ISRC Information(if available), CD Text, as well as Album and Song Information. They will also set the spacing between songs and correct any final levels to make sure songs on an album flow together.

What if I don’t like the final result?

No problem, we offer one revision free of charge. When placing your order, please be as descriptive as possible about the result you are expecting. Our team will contact you if they need any clarification.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Most projects take 3-4 days to complete to perfection. We will send you a download link when it is finished.

Can You Master an MP3?

Yes. We can master from an mp3, however we recommend using .wav or .aif files as the results are usually much better. If you only have access to mp3 versions we can still achieve good results, but you will get the best final master using high quality .wav or .aif files.

MP3 MasteringCan you get it done quicker? Do you offer rush order services?

Yes, in the event that you need a Rush order, we can turn your mixing, mastering, or vocal tuning project around in 2 business days after receiving your payment and required audio files. Rush fee is $300 per service. Contact us at for more information or to place a Rush order.

What type of payments do you accept?

Major Credit Cards, Money Order or Paypal

What is the process like?


Step 1
Order  and pay for your service by selecting it from the store. Include any requests or directions in the comments section of the order form. For example, we want our master to hit like Dr Dre’s “Chronic 2001″

Step 2
A confirmation email will be sent with upload instructions.

Step 3
We will email you a download link when your project has been completed.

What audio formats are acceptable?

Stereo mix in WAV or AIFF formats with the highest resolution possible.  If possible, try to avoid sending MP3s. MP3s are already compressed and some of the sound has been restricted or removed to make the file smaller. Whenever possible try and supply 24 bit recordings, rather than 16 bit.

I still have questions! How can I contact you?

We are here to help you!  Email us