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Auralex Studio Foam Panels

By on Aug 5, 2011 in Recording Studio Articles, Recording Studio Equipment | 0 comments

How do you put Auralex Studiofoam sound panels on the wall without ruining the wall?

I am installing foam panels and sound in my recording studio, but I I do not screw it up or nothing to damage the walls. I am installing 4×3 panels sound of a place I am renting my study and I can not screw into the wall. Me like other options to hang my sound panels. Moreover, how could I be able to fix the sound board of a steel door?

Hooks monkey might work for you if you are strong against small holes that may be able to paste / velcro his acoustic foam panels and support the walls or try Temp Tabs…

TEMP•Tabs™ are a temporary Studiofoam® mounting solution designed for easy installation and maximum flexibility. You no longer need to commit to permanently placing your acoustic treatments or cleaning adhesive residue and chunks of your investment off of your walls.

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