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The Return of the Event 20/20BAS

By on Aug 2, 2011 in Recording Studio Articles, Recording Studio Equipment | 0 comments

Event 20/20 BASEvent 20/20BAS Studio Monitors

The Event 20/20BAS studio monitor started an industry revolution in the mid 1990s. Never before had such transparency and definition been made available to such a wide range of artists and engineers. Since that time the 20/20s have gone down in history as a cult speaker, one that many internationally-recognised engineers, producers and musicians still swear by and use as their go-to speaker to this day.

Now it’s back.

By combining the original tone and character that made the original Event 20/20 monitors a standard in studios the world over with modern manufacturing  processing, and leveraging technology direct from Event’s flagship Opal monitor, the 20/20 BAS is set to revolutionise the way you hear your mix.

Don’t take their word for it – request a demonstration at your local dealer now.


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