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 Microsuede 4″ Bass Traps

Looking to control the acoustics in your studio? So were we when we built our first bass trap. We had extras and listed them on craigslist, and they sold like hotcakes. Since there was a market for affordable yet effective sound absorption materiels, it made sense to fill the need for our customers. Enter Mixmastered Acoustics.  At 4 inches thick, these thicker panels offer increases the absorption at low frequencies (100-500Hz).

The panels are made out of Roxul SAFE n SOUND Acoustical Fire Batts, Mineral Wool (Fireproof and Soundproof). They have high quality microsuede wrapped around the frame. These would be a perfect addition to a home or business studio, or even a home theater. They would work great as bass traps (or side-wall panels), because they are heavy and absorb a considerable amount of low end (and high end) dB.

Don’t waste your money on “studio foam”, because it only attenuates high frequencies, while your low end is ignored.

  • Performs 4 times better than 2 inch panels at 125Hz.
  • Looks amazing in studios, auditoriums, and living spaces.
  • Made with Roxul SAFE n SOUND Acoustical Fire Batts, Mineral Wool (Fireproof and Soundproof).
  • While Foam is useless below 250Hz, bass traps are effective down to 65Hz.
  • Hand made in the USA by a team of recording professionals and craftsmen.
  • Quick easy shipping via UPS Ground.


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