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How to Get Your Music Into Film and TV Part 2

By on Aug 4, 2012 in Recording Studio Articles | 0 comments

We get tons of requests for advice on how to market music.

While we’ve had a lot of success with placement of our work on major market radio, film and television, it is not the focus of Mixmastered Studios. However, we know people! Introducing our friend, Joe Solo:

From the record producer who developed Macy Gray, and many others . . .
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How to Get Your Music Into Film & TV

Future Nuggets will include:

  • Market Your Music . . . From Anywhere!
  • Gain Industry Access
  • Make Phat Beats – Cash Phat Checks
  • How to Find a Good Music Attorney and What You Should Pay
  • The Most Important Piece of Studio Gear
  • Just 500 Die Hard Fans And You Can Quit Your Day Job
  • Where To Go To Develop The Right industry Relationships
  • How To Get A Record Deal – And Why You Might Not Care
  • Your Unique Positioning – Stand Out In The Crowd
  • How to get Endorsements & Publicity
  • Avoiding Career Killers
  • The Psychology of Producing Hit Songs
  • Songwriting For Universal Appeal
  • Get Your Music Heard by the Right People
  • Get Global Distribution For Your Music
  • How Great Production Makes All The Difference – Before & After Samples
  • Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Juxtaposition – Hold Your Listener’s Interest
  • Getting More & Better Gigs
  • Get Yourself A Music Industry Mentality
  • Money – Where You Make The Most In Music
  • – – – and many, many more


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